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An Intelligent Online Portal for Field Force Management

Featrue to Look for

Real Time

Real-time job tracking for efficient decision-making ensuring you stay up-to-date on all critical activities at all times.

Field Force Schedule

Advanced & customisable scheduling capabilities making it the perfect tool for efficient field force management

Integrated Maps

Powerful mapping technology for easy location tracking helping better decision-making for job sites on map

Customer Dashboard

Powerful Customer Dashboard enables to track the history & progress of Customers in a sharp bird eye view

Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory Management for optimized stock levels helping reduce wastage, lower inventory & carrying costs

Job Management

Comprehensive Module to easily manage field workers and ensuring on time completion of jobs within budgets

Project Flow

Streamlined Project flow management for improved collaboration reducing errors, and improve project outcomes

Contract Management

Advanced contract management for reduced risks improve compliance allowing contracts efficiently

Quotations / Invoicing

Powerful Quotations and Invoice Management helps improved cash flows, payments tracking & history

Bird's Eye View

Real Time Workforce

Neeleez – Workforce intelligently manage real-time job tracking, which enables businesses to monitor the activities of their field workers in real-time. With location and time tracking, monitoring of field workers can be monitored easily and ensure efficient results. Real-time data is critical for effective decision-making, and NEELEEZ – Workforce offers capability to make informed decisions instantly and based on recurring attitude of information being received from real-time data.

Job Process Friendly

Workforce Schedule

Neeleez – Workforce is capable of advanced scheduling capabilities for field force management. With features such as job scheduling, automated dispatching, job phase booking, and deployment of right person at right place and right time can be ensured easily. This scheduling feature is customizable to meet the specific requirements of business, making it the perfect tool for efficient field force management with AI modules working inside to learn organizational priorities and optimizing workforce utilization.

Not just information

Customer Dashboard

Neeleez - Workforce is equipped with a powerful customer dashboard that enables workforce, supervisors and management to track the progress of jobs. Customers can be informed and satisfied in real-time manners. Customer dashboard also reduces the burden on customer service personnel as Neeleez -Workforce takes care of real-time and periodic defined alerts and notifications to customers. One click information available for specific customers data, future tasks and history of jobs.

Wide Range We Serve

Any company that has a field workforce can benefit from Neeleez - Workforce Portal & Applictaion to improve the efficiency of their operations and enhance customer satisfaction

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